Our Partners

  • Accufind Technologies Pte Ltd

    URL: http://www.accufindgroup.com

    Accufind Technologies was founded in 2014 by John Chen and Dr Geng Nian, together with three other radio-frequency specialists. Accufind is a technologically advanced IT company developing Indoor Positioning Services (IPS) technologies and providing Location Based Services (LBS) solutions. We have a diversified management team. Among us, there is PhD in wireless location technology, experienced IT project managers, professional from investment bank, and consultant from industrial IP licensing offices. Prior to incorporating Accufind, all co-founders have more than six years of working experience from well-established organizations and involved in various product development cycles.

    Our services include: 1) Provide SDK/API to indoor localization and navigation 2) Develop location based mobile applications 3) Provide Geo-fencing and Proximity Services 4) Data analytic on location based data.

  • Amphisoft Technologies Pte Ltd.

    URL: http://amphisoft.in

    Amphisoft Technologies was founded in 2009 by Dr. R.Pradeep Kumar and T.Punitha with the intent of enhancing the education system across the world with learning tools and technology enabled active learning. Amphisoft's team comprises of a set of learning science researchers who have developed a thorough understanding about academics, corporate training and learning. E-Box - A Technology enabled active learning platform (TEAL), aims at revolutionizing engineering education through Automated Evaluation Systems in different branches of engineering. E-Box Online Engineering Lab Courses & Workbooks are currently available for C Programming, C++ Programming. Java Programming, Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Web Technology, Database Management Systems Digital Design, Electronic Circuits, Microprocessors.

    Amphisoft empowers corporate organizations and academic institutions with TEAL tools to streamline their learning and development. The team provides technology services to incorporate Micro Learning, Micro Teaching, Collaborative Learning, Game Based Learning, Second Life Based Learning Models, Learning Measurement and Learner Classification into L&D services. Many Corporates and Educational Institutions across India use E-Box for their hands-on sessions, training and assessments.

  • FitSense Pte Ltd.

    URL: http://www.getfitsense.com

    FitSense was founded in 2015 by Alvaro Gauterin, Jan-Philipp Kruip and Pham Khanh as a technology provider for life and health insurance companies. Based on the data from wearable activity tracking devices, we assess the levels of physical activity of policyholders throughout the day to determine an activity score (developed in collaboration with the NUS School of Public Health) that actuaries can integrate as a high-impact variable into their underwriting model to price the risk for their insurees. FitSense supports all major activity tracking devices (Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Watch, Android Wear as well as built-in pedometers of modern smartphones) and normalizes the data across all those devices to ensure the activity score is calculated consistently, independent of the device chosen.

  • Hearti Lab Pte Ltd.

    URL: http://hearti-lab.com

    Hearti Lab provides an interactive platform for the world’s social communication by location, giving an unprecedented level of understanding on the visual view of emotions and what’s happening, in real time. Users on Hearti Chat create chat groups according to their interests, and communicate with people in their location. Our users “like" with their heartbeats, which is an innovative technology to record their actual heart rates using a mobile phone camera or wearables, and contribute it as “likes” to their friends’ posts.

  • KAI Square Pte Ltd.

    URL: http://www.kaisquare.com

    KAI Square was founded in 2006 by Dr. Neo Shi Yong and Mr. Victor Goh, with the goal of providing innovative surveillance solutions with analytics to help clients manage the large amount of video and other data gathered from monitoring devices. Our flagship product, KAI Square Unified Platform, is an intelligent, state-of-the-art, open interface platform, which help users consolidate various monitoring functions, and provides automatic alerts and business intelligence reports, thus reducing laborious efforts and maximising overall ROI. The company has since received many local and international awards for our cutting-edge innovations, and has seen a growing clientele comprising of public sectors and industries like transportation, Telcos, Healthcare, education, security, logistics, and banking. Over the years, we have built a reputation within the Singapore surveillance market as a highly innovative and technically strong thought-leader, well regarded as the next generation high-end technology provider. Working with leading telecommunication service providers and system integrators, the company currently manages over 10,000 security cameras in Singapore alone. With our relentless effort in research and development, the company is set for continual growth in the global market with our technologies.

  • M.C.S.Y. Pte Ltd.

    URL: http://www.mcsy.com.sg

    M.C.S.Y. Pte. Ltd. is a new start-up to commercialize the generation of aesthetic QR code technology invented by Prof. Chang Ee-Chien. It was incorporated in 2 Dec 2014 (Reg. No.: 201435849Z). QR code is a widely used marketing tool in advertisements, brochures, posters, vouchers, tickets and many others. Currently many uses QR code in its original form (i.e. image of black dots on white background). Aesthetic QR Code presents QR code on top of an image that can better present the brand, the company and message. M.C.S.Y. intends to reach to potential customers through direct sales (e.g. online sales, etc.) or engaging agents (local or overseas) who are able to reach to a certain customer segments (e.g. property agents). M.C.S.Y. is also actively promoting the use of QR code by giving out Aesthetic QR Code free-of-charge for non-profit organization.

  • NetEase (Hangzhou Network) Co., Ltd.

    URL: www.163.com
    Alternative: http://www.netease.com

    NetEase (Hangzhou) Network Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of NetEase Inc. a leading China-based Internet technology company that pioneered the development of applications, services and other technologies for the Internet in China. NetEase’s online communities and personalized premium services have established a large and stable user base for the NetEase websites, which are operated by its affiliates. In particular, NetEase Inc. provides online game services to Internet users, offering in-house developed games (source:http://ir.netease.com).

  • Shenzhen Guarantee Technology Co. Ltd.

    URL: http://www.ezfone.com.cn

    Shenzhen Guarantee Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 1997 and now has teams to develop hardware and software, and a factory with SMT and assembly lines. The current business includes several major directions. Firstly, the company is a professional developer and manufacturer of senior phones. It is among the top 3 suppliers of senior phones in Europe, and main player in China market. Secondly, the company provides software to manage large number of surveillance cameras and various roles of users, and transmit video from devices of multiple vendors via IP network. The software has been deployed to construct city-level video surveillance networks in China. Meanwhile, the company is looking for opportunities to provide smart platform with multiple sensors including surveillance cameras to look after the well being of seniors, detect abnormity and give alarm in emergency. Thirdly, the company provides healthcare system for seniors. Users can measure blood pressure, glucose level, etc. at home, and automatically transmit the values to server by mobile phones, for browse via internet or smart phones. The system also facilities communication between users, their loved ones and doctors.