N-CRiPT Public Seminar: Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing – What’s Being Preserved?

Speaker: Associate Professor Chang Ee-Chien

Date & Time: Friday 11 September 2020, 4.00pm


To combat COVID-19, a few privacy-preserving contact tracing solutions were developed to help users protect their privacy while facilitating contact tracing. Noteworthy examples are GovTech’s TraceTogether app, and the recent Exposure Notification collaboration between Apple and Google, both of which utilise Bluetooth signal strength, and differ subtly on the types of information it protects. In this talk, N-CRiPT PI, Associate Professor Chang Ee-Chien will give a brief overview of two technical approaches in privacy-preserving contact tracing and discuss their implications on privacy.


Ee-Chien Chang is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing at National University of Singapore (NUS). He received his PhD in Computer Science from New York University and was a postdoctoral fellow with DIMACS in Rutgers University and NEC Labs America.  His research focuses on cybersecurity and he is particularly intrigued by cross-domain problems. His earlier works include multimedia security such as image forensic, image watermarking and biometric cryptography which is in the intersection of multimedia and applied cryptography.  More recently, he has been investigating issues on how machine learning could be applied in security applications and the security of machine learning under malicious attack. He has published in reputable conferences and journals including CCS, EUROCRYPT, USENIX Security etc. and is the inventor of a few patents, some of which were acquired by third parties.  He is a lead-PI of National Cybersecurity R&D Laboratory (NCL), NUS, and deputy director of the Centre for Technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & the Law (TRAIL), NUS. He is also a member in NUS Centre for Research in Privacy Technologies (N-CRiPT).