11 November 2019

N-CRiPT PhD student wins Best Student Paper Award at ACM MM 2019

N-CRiPT PhD student Shen Zhiqi was awarded the Best Student Paper at ACM Multimedia (ACM MM) 2019 where his paper was chosen out of the 248 accepted papers, which were selected from over 900 submitted papers.

The paper “Human-imperceptible Privacy Protection Against Machines”, was co-authored with Zhiqi’s PhD supervisor Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, Dr Fan Shaojing, Dr Wong Yong Kang from N-CRiPT, as well as Dr Ng Tian-Tsong. In this work, Zhiqi and his collaborators developed an image perturbation model to protect sensitive information against machine learning models. The paper was also one of five papers shortlisted for the Best Paper Award at the conference.

An expanded article of this news bite can be found here.