15 July 2019 

2nd N-CRiPT Workshop 

On 15 July 2019, the Centre held its 2nd N-CRiPT Workshop featuring a series of talks given by invited speakers, as well as N-CRiPT Principal Investigators. The objective of the workshop was to achieve a better understanding of the state of art research in the world and tap onto the collective expertise of the Centre to assess current research progress and directions.

Workshop Programme

Keynote Talk 

Media Forensics: Security and Privacy Challenges – Professor Nasir Memon (New York University)

Session 1 Multimedia and Biometric Privacy 

Privacy Protection in Textual Data Publication: Challenges and Opportunities – Professor Shou Lidan (Zhejiang University)
Human-imperceptible Privacy Protection Against Machines on Images – Professor Mohan Kankanhalli (National University of Singapore)
What Your Gait Reveals About You – Professor Terence Sim (National University of Singapore)

Session 2 Distributed Computing 

Blockchain & Its Future – Professor Hari Garg (National University of Singapore)
Towards a Marketplace for Secure Outsourced Computations – Professor Chang Ee-Chien (National University of Singapore)
In-Network Data Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks – Professor Chan Mun Choon (National University of Singapore)

Session 3 Privacy Protection, ML & Data Publishing 

Robust and Privacy Preserving Collaborative Learning – Professor Reza Shokri (National University of Singapore)
Synthetic Data Generation with Differential Privacy – Professor Xiao Xiaokui (National University of Singapore)
Privacy Threats and Protection across Data Lifecycle – Professor Liang Zhenkai (National University of Singapore)